Engineers' Agreements

2015 Agreement (with Side Letters & Q&A)

2015 EN to CO Flowback Agreement (with Side Letters), click here:

2008 Agreement (with Side Letters & Q&A)

2003 Agreement (with Side Letters)

2000 Agreement (with Side Letters)

1999 Implementing Agreement

1996 Agreement (with Side Letters & Q&A)

1996 Codified Agreement

BLET National Engineer Agreements

Note:  The National BLET Agreements provisions for Health & Welfare govern, and are applicable to all NS  Engineers.

2012 H&W                     Synopsis

2007 H&W                     Synopsis

2003 H&W        Q&A      Synopsis

1996 Core with Side Letters     Q&A

1991 Agreement        Side Letters

1986 Agreement        Side Letters

1982 Agreement

1978 Agreement

1975 Agreement

1971 Agreement

1969 Agreement

1964 Agreement

1952 Agreement

1949 Agreement


BLET/Merrill-Lynch Benefits On-Line

Merrill-Lynch Financial Advisory Team: Burns & Nowakoski Group

BLET/NS Short Term Disability
NSR-Southern Engineera Short Term Disability Plan

Voluntary Disability Insurance

Voluntary Disability Insruance

What to do if an employee gets injured while on-duty:

What the next-of-kin should do if a NS employee passes:

Deadhead Mileage & Time

Claim/Grievance Form
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